A joint effort to establish Blockchain Infrastructure and Personal Data Management for Health
When laying the foundation for a robust interoperable healthcare system we need to start at the protocol level and design new infrastructure that is owned and controlled by no one and everyone. We need identity and digital value protocol layers and immutable health records controlled by their rightful owners. This is the promise of Blockchain and the starting point for a reinvented healthcare system.


The promise and value of blockchain technology comes from how it can enable coordination of large scale collaboration in open ecosystems. However, in order to minimise coordination , initially, we propose the establishment of a national consortia within the Swedish ecosystem to tackle the regulatory challenges in a confined and local context first.

We are not developing the technology but rolling out the infrastructure to start testing and take advantage of the automation and security benefits to be reaped already today. The first and most important fix is to flip the data ownership model towards Self-Sovereign Health Records. We are ready to deploy this but for resiliance and to achieve security by numbers in our consensus algorithm we need members to run and guarantee network nodes.

The CareChain consortium was founded by CareChain AB in March 2017 and we are now actively soliciting co-founding partners.


What We Do


As far as possible, we intend to take advantage of the tools of the trade and automate most of the decision making using Smart Contracts.


We will continue to seek membership in relevant standardisation organisations to track these emerging technologies and interoperability protocols.


The founding partner, CareChain AB, manages the infrastructure. Members can choose to take advantage of the fully managed Blockchain-as-a-Service, or run self-hosted network nodes, including available laptop nodes.


This technology is applicable horisontally across all types of organisations.

Need access to efficient and accurate health history, post-op follow-up
To get access to reliable crowd-sourced anonymous data.
Care Providers
Access to future-proof patient-centric health records database without the legal burden of having to protect sensitive personal data.
To enable direct patient-centric communication and for the ability to flag cross-care provider contraindications
For access to reliable crowd-sourced anonymous data including stats about off-label usage, for supply chain tracking and to run large scale clinical trials.
Health Insurers
Incentivization to encourage healthier habits. To combat claim settlement fraud and to enable new business models.
For easier compliance with regulations and legislation and to better serve their users not creating yet another data silo.
Network Operators
To provide next generation Internet infrastructure and new identity centric business models.
Better citizen health and improved perception of services while delivering huge cost savings and to experiment with f.i social bonds.
Cost-effective, reduced time-to-market with services and cooperations aimed at meeting objectives, not least for the underserved.
To provide next generation Internet infrastructure and new identity centric business models.
To equip devices with Blockhain identities in order to transact and sign data.
To help support the emerging ecosystem and the next generation Internet.

Global Technology Consortia

We are members the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and follow closely the use case work being done in the HyperLedger Healthcare Working Group.

The Team

We're a small team with significant experience in creating value through digitalization. We have lived and worked in Silicon Valley and have founded, co-founded or been part of the founding team of a number of startups. We're convinced that the digitalization of the healthcare sector offers enormous opportunities for improving the quality of life of individuals as well as benefiting the society at large.

Johan Sellström


Stefan Farestam



18 April 2018

Nominated Startup to World Innovations Forum

We're thrilled to announce that CareChain has been nominated as a startup to the World Innovations Forum taking place in Lucerne June 12-14 2018. Please vote for us by liking the nominee video on youtube!

28 February 2018

Better Health with blockchains

Swedish IT News site Voister gives a good overview of the CareChain initiative and how it provides a foundation for improved health services.

26 February 2018

A Nordic way to blockchain in healthcare

An in-depth article on the motivation of using blockchain technology as the foundation for CareChain by HIMMS Europe

28 November 2017

Collaboration with Aifloo

DI Digital writes about our new collaboration with the Swedish AI startup Aifloo. Together we will create a pilot for using smart contracts to address consent management in healthcare.

28 November 2017

DI Blockchain Conference

DIs inaugural conference on Blockchain technology. Stefan presented on how smart contracts can be used in the CareChain platform to build GDPR compliant consent management solutions.

24 November 2017

Brown Bag Lunch Talk @ MSD

MSD hosted a great brown bag lunch on the topic of how blockchain technology can support better health. Johan gave a general intro to blockchain in healthcare and also covered CareChain. In great company with Darja Isakson and Sofia Svanteson.
Video available.

23 November 2017

Norrsken Foundation

RISE and Karlstad University co-hosted an event at Norrsken on the topic of Service Innovation in Ecosystems. Johan presented on how token based ecosystems can be used to design new incentive systems for health.

21 November 2017

RISE: Den friskare människan

RISE innovation day in Lund focused on infrastructure for better health. Johan gave an intro to CareChain and how it supports the individual.
Video available.


Where you will find us

  EpiCenter, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36, 111 57 Stockholm, Sweden



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